About the Memento Mori Series: I was introduced to cemeteries early and with awareness and respect. They were places to honor those we have lost, with visits of stillness and love. I find it remarkable and fascinating to visit them – especially very old ones – and recognize how we have all shared the passage of death and loss… Cemeteries seem to be places with no boundaries. Memento mori is Latin, and means, loosely, remember you too will die. I take the saying to heart, to mean live life fully, now…. There is also a sense of humility in the message, for no one among us will live forever – we are all mortals, born of this earth, returning to this earth (or, if you prefer, and equally significant – born of Spirit and returning to Spirit). In these images I have hoped to capture and express a sense of awareness and recognition of Memento Mori… as someone looking onto each scene, with a certain quietness and stillness, and as someone at one with each scene, with the knowledge it will be them someday.

Digitally altered photos, shot in cemeteries in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, and West Virginia.